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Founded in 2000, Guangdong Xinlexin Science and Education Culture Co.,Ltd. is a private scientific & technological enterprises with its own complete system of designs, development, production and sales. It locates in Chenghai District, Shantou City, Guangdong Province, commonly known as “Toys and Gifts City” in China. We have a modern production plant of 20,000 square meter and advanced production equipment with lots of scientists and professionals. Meanwhile we have already got many intellectual property rights and national patents.


Xinlexin has these famous brands: “Bai Bian Mo Wang” magic cube, magic snake ruler; “GUDI” building blocks; “Invincible” Peg-top; “King Kong Force” transform numbers; “Fire YOYO”.  We invest in media including CCTV Children’s Channel and Cartoon TVs in China to promote our products, which makes us more and more popular with children. Especially in 2013 with GUDI building blocks came out, we take credits for unique creativity, new themes and excellent quality.


Leading brand “Bai Bian Mo Wang” magic snake ruler is the pioneer of 24 joints, 36 joints, 48 joints, 60 joints, 72 joints in China. On this base, we developed 84 joints, 96 joints, 108 joints, 120 joints, 144 joints, 196 joints, 240 joints with different shapes. Meanwhile, magic snake ruler can be combined and played with different joints. In 2010, we have applied and gained the intellectual property rights and national patents for magic snake ruler structure.


In 2013, Xinlexin developed transform numbers and applied for intellectual property rights and national patents. Transform numbers are first-invented toys which can be transformed individually and combined together as Mech Clan, including 0 to 9 and “+” “-” “×” “÷” “=”, five mathematical notations. In 2017, the series of Mech Clan adds the transform alphabets.


Xinlexin keeps pursuing the technique, marketing, management continuously creative and takes markets and technology as the direction. Now we are steadily developing and scaling up. At the same time, we cooperates with well-known brands aboard, which explores our international vision. Facing future in toys field, the company will focus on diversified development of young children which is playful, educational and useful. Adhered to the development theme of challenge, innovation, promotion, Xinlexin will march toward a brighter future.

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